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  1. Execsurf

    It’s about time for a website. Add me to the mailing list… Love your products, since I’ve tried them, won’t buy anywhere else…

  2. marklariccia

    Thank you! I’m kind of slow!

  3. Eddie Selph

    Just installed MCM Guitar Works replacement pickup in my Squier Classic Vibe bass…
    The one I got was scatterwound and hi output and came with a .047uf tone cap btw.

    Hand Scatter Wound 51 P Bass Tele Bass Pickup Hot | eBay

    Did my 1st live show with it in a classic rock setting…Has the great classic look and the tone is nothing short of the real deal. Loud, punchy and distinct…my cheap Squier bass has been revolutionized. Before it was just a pretty dud.. With roundwounds and a pick, It has that sound, that Fender sound that sounds like your playing thru a tin can and it sits in the mix just so…

    When I cranked on a set of TI flats, I was even more blown away. I dialed back the tone control about 25% and it’s thick soupy finger style heaven.

    It should be noted that I also replaced the pots with (Vintage style CTS 250K Pots from “The Art of Tone” folks on eBay).. Mark at MCM was kind enough to direct me to them when I asked for advice. That’s something worth mentioning because Mark took the time to email me and answer all my questions in a friendly and professional manner. Thanks Mark!

    It should also be noted that I installed a string thru body bridge, which doesn’t effect the sound much, but is just cool…

    Also, I play thru an Ashdown Little Bastard ALL tube head and a 2×15 cabinet. This rig also plays a part in the authentic vintage tone I was able to get…

    Hope this review is found to be helpful. I have played bass 40 yrs and tend to be cynical and difficult to please. It is nice when you run across a product worth plugging.

  4. g

    i have been playing telecasters for decades, and just have to say that mark’s pickups are about the best i have ever soldered in. and that includes items from folks who charge a lot more than he does for their wares. plus, he totally indulges me, and all my goofy numbers i may throw at him.

    he has wound–at least–four or five sets for me, plus a couple humbucker sets, too, and all have been fantastic. you can’t go wrong with his workmanship, customer service, and especially his attention to detail. all top shelf stuff. i’m glad i found him, and will continue to use him for any pickups i need. which is a bonus. it’s always good to know you’ll be satisfied, before you throw down some of your hard earned cash.

    keep up the great work, mark. i–for one–appreciate it.

  5. Fred Fields

    I just installed a set of Mark’s scatter wound Jazz Bass pickups in a parts bass I put together and these things sound absolutely great in this bass! Lots of grunt in the mid range but they retain the single coil Jazz Bass sound with articulate highs and lows. I really like these! Keep on winding!

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